Dress to Impress: What to Wear 

in Your Professional Headshots in the Bay Area

Professional headshots aren’t just for Hollywood types anymore. Staying current on social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, maintaining a website, and cultivating your appearance on popular online venues such as Google and Skype are becoming integral to getting ahead in the San Francisco business community. 

In a world where most business is no longer done face-to-face, professionals, students, and freelancers alike are using professional headshots to communicate their brands and personalities clearly.  In order to do this, you have to understand your brand and message, but you also need to dress to impress your target audience.  Make sure to remember these helpful tips on what to wear to your shoot.

Keep it Simple

The focal point of your headshot should be your face and the personality it exudes, so don’t wear anything that might distract from that like clothes with patterns and logos or excessive, reflective jewelry.  Dressing in solid colors is the way to go.

Wear Dark Colors

San Francisco may be a colorful city, but expressing this in your photo shoot isn’t the best choice. Bright colors (especially white) are reflective and will have the effect of washing out your face in the photo.  Tone things down by sporting navy blue, mahogany, or black.  By the way, it’s ok to wear a white shirt or blouse under a dark-colored jacket, vest, or blazer.

Make it Personal

You’re unique! Make sure to take your hair, eye, and skin color into account when choosing what to wear.  Bringing clothes that accentuate these natural colors can take your headshots to the next level.  Make sure to bring a top that matches your eyes, for example.  Your photographer will work with you at the shoot to find the pieces in your wardrobe that best compliment your features.

Change it Up

You have a lot more to offer than just one look, so bring multiple wardrobe changes to make the most of your professional photo shoot.  Consider the options that you may need for various clients and social media platforms along with a variety of colors and styles.

Like a Glove

Make sure all your wardrobe options fit you well!  Your headshots will reflect your level of confidence, so it’s very important to feel comfortable during your shoot.  Wearing clothing that’s too tight or too loose can be a physical inconvenience, and it can be noticeable in your photos too.

Be Your Best Self

Before coming to your shoot, think to yourself:  “What message do I want to send with this photo?”  Dress according to how you want others to see you.  For example, a lawyer is probably going to want a more formal look, while someone in the tech industry might go with something a bit more casual.

Whether you’re looking to find a job, maintain your image, or become the next online sensation, professional headshots are an essential part of getting your name out there. Dressing appropriately will further hone the message you’re sending to the world and ensure you look fantastic in every shot.

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