How Your Top’s Neckline Can Affect Your Bay Area Headshots

Your choice of what to wear to your Bay Area headshots will have a profound impact on how people perceive you when they see your photo, but did you know that it can also change the way your body looks? Any fashionista can tell you that with the right duds you can hide or accentuate any part of your body, and when it comes to headshots, the most important fashion point to consider is your top or shirt’s neckline. Let’s take a look at a variety of necklines to consider for your headshots.



The V-neck is one of the most popular necklines for women because it suits practically every body type. It has the effect of elongating and thinning and makes you appear taller and leaner in your headshots. This neckline is recommended for women with broad shoulders or short necks.


A square neckline exposes the collarbone and adds an air of sophistication to the shot. The open neck will still give the impression of being tall and slim but is a bit more conservative in what it shows off. This is a perfect neckline for a sexy yet composed dating headshot.


A high neckline, or turtleneck, is perfect for tall women who have long necks or faces. This neckline will serve to make you appear shorter, but remember to show enough skin between your chin and your top’s neckline or your head will seem too far from your body.


A scoop neckline is similar to a square, but it goes a bit lower. This is a great choice for women with a smaller bust or narrow shoulders, as it adds volume to these areas.  



A V-neck on a man is a sure winner. It works well with all body types, as it brings attention to the face and gives the impression of height and power. V-necks work especially well for shorter men or men with rounder faces. If you wear a V-neck or an unbuttoned shirt, remember not to wear an undershirt.


A crew neck is the second go-to option when it comes to men’s shirts. This neckline is best suited to men with sloped shoulders or small chests because it adds width to the upper body. It also has the effect of countering long necks and faces and providing a bit of balance to tall frames.

Other Men’s Necklines

There are a few other necklines for men, such as the deep-v, the boat, and the scoop, but they’re not recommended choices for your headshots unless you need a shot to submit to enter a bodybuilding competition!

Not sure which neckline is right for you? No problem. Bring a variety of wardrobe changes and different tops or shirts to the photo shoot, and your photographer will be happy to let you know how each neckline will affect your figure and your face in your professional headshots.

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