The Headshots You Need for a Modeling Portfolio in New York, Los Angeles, or San Francisco

When it comes to professional modeling, there’s nothing more important that your unique look. In most cases, the only thing that casting agents have to understand what’s so special about you are your professional headshots. Any top model can tell you that your headshots can be the difference between hitting the runway or the casting room floor, so make sure you know exactly how to assemble your portfolio before submitting to agencies in San Francisco, Los Angeles, or New York.

Include a Variety of Headshots

If you’re pursuing a career in modeling, you’ll want agents to know that you’re versatile and dynamic. Your photographer can help you with this by offering a variety of shots to provide a comprehensive look at your figure. Here are the three types of shots you’ll need:

·     Chest-up Shots- The classic headshot. The focus is on your face, so make sure to practice the look you want to give. Remember to go easy on the make-up, as agents want to see your natural beauty!

·     Half Body Shots- These shots capture you from the waist up. It’s important to consider the position of your arms.

·     Full-Body Shots- These shots take in the whole package. It’s time to show off your posture and poise.

A mix of these three styles of shots along with a variety of wardrobe changes and facial expressions is recommended.

What to Wear

You might think that agents want to see your most fashionable attire, but that isn’t necessarily true. You should dress in slim-fitting clothes that show off your figure. Agents need to understand your body type if they want to cast you effectively. It’s also a good idea to bring multiple wardrobe changes in order to demonstrate your versatility.

Choosing a Location

How do you feel in front of a camera? If you’re not used to being in front of the lens and get a bit nervous, you might want to consider an outdoor shoot. This will take a bit of the focus off of you and allow you to relax in an open environment. If you’re confident with your look, a studio setting is ideal. In the studio, it will just be you and a solid background, so your expressions and personality will shine.

Know your Target

Do some research into the modeling agencies where you want to submit your headshots. You may find that they have certain stipulations or requirements for applicants. Some agencies may ask specifically for the types of shots they want, for example, an action shot or a view of your profile. Once you know what they want, all you need todo is tell your photographer, and they will do the rest!

Relax and Have Fun

Headshots capture a moment in time, so make sure they don’t capture a stressed or uncomfortable version of you! Relax and have fun during your headshots to show agencies that you’re confident and great to work with. Don’t be afraid to flash a smile and show your glowing personality!

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