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Frequently Asked Questions

I hate being in front of the camera. How can you make this easy for me?

Slava is a fourth generation photographer and has spent pretty much all of his childhood in the photo studio. When you first meet he will talk to you just as friend and will help you to relax and forget that you are at a photo shoot. He will coach you on how to breathe properly in order to relax, will tell you what facial expressions and angles are best for you, as well as will find which backgrounds complement you the most.

I am still not sure if you can make me look good in a photo.

Please feel free to read what our past clients said about working with Slava on our Yelp and Google Review pages. Besides seeing the actual work, testimonials are the best way to check the reputation of a photographer.

How do I book a photo session?

To book your photo session please fill out the Contact Us form in the top menu and we will get back to you shortly. 

What should I wear for the photo shoot?

Depending on the type of photo session, we will recommend you the style of wardrobe that is the most appropriate. Below please find some tips on what to wear:

· It is best to avoid any patterns or logos on your clothing. Wearing solid colors is strongly recommended.

· Please avoid wearing white since it is a reflector and will wash out your face.

· It is better to wear colors that are on the darker side of the spectrum (darker blue vs. lighter blue).

· You can bring one top that is of the same color as your eyes. It will accent their color.

· Please have several wardrobe changes if possible (3-4 is recommended).

· Slava will tell you which piece will complement you the most.

· It is good to bring different kinds of clothing: tops with long sleeves and short sleeves, as well as wardrobe of different styles.

How many wardrobe changes should I bring?

We strongly recommend bringing 3-4 wardrobe options for headshots. For engagement and couples photo sessions, as well as for family photo shoots you can bring one extra wardrobe change if you prefer. However, it is optional.

Should I wear makeup to the photo session?

We will advise you on this based on the type of photo session you are purchasing. Usually soft and natural makeup is recommended. Premium Retouching is included in most headshot packages for a certain number of images. It includes removal of blemishes (wrinkles, bags under the eyes, pimples), softening of skin tones and other visually enhancing techniques.

Do you provide makeup and/or hair styling?

While we do not offer makeup and hair styling on-site, you can book a makeup artist on your own. You will need to schedule and pay for their services separately from your photo session fee. Below we have provided the website and contact information of a makeup artist we recommend and have worked with:

Jonathan Reisfeld



In which locations do you shoot?

Slava shoots either outdoors or in the studio, which is located on 19th Avenue and Taraval Street in San Francisco. Some of his favorite outdoor locations includes the Botanical Garden in Golden Gate Park, Nob Hill Area, Palace of Fine Arts, Pier by the Warming Hut Café, etc. For corporate work we can travel to your office for an on-location photo shoot.

Do you edit the images?

We offer two types of editing: Basic and Premium Retouching. Basic Retouching includes brightness/contrast adjustment, color correction and cropping. It insures that the images look perfect. Premium Retouching, on the other hand, includes removal of blemishes (wrinkles, bags under the eyes, pimples), softening of skin tones and other visually enhancing techniques. All packages include Basic Retouching, while only some packages include Premium Retouching. You can always order Premium Retouching as an additional service if your package does not include it. However, we include it in all the packages that require it.

What is the turnaround time for receiving the images?

The regular turnaround time for receiving the images is 14 days. If you need a rushed turnaround, please let us know and we will accommodate this at no extra charge.

How will you send the images to me?

We will send all the photos to you via Dropbox as a zip file. If you prefer a CD instead, we can send it to you at no extra charge.

About Slava Blazer Photography

Slava Blazer Photography was established in 2008. We specialize in personal and commercial photography. Personal photography includes family, couples, newborn and maternity photography, as well as special events, while commercial photography has the goal of promoting a person or a business through headshot, event and advertising photography. 

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