How Headshots Can Help Your Corporate Brand Build Trust With Prospects

Would you like your potential clients to emotionally connect with your brand? There is an effective way to accomplish that. The answer is environmental headshots. Why? The reason is they will help your company to create a personal connection with your prospects. Shooting headshots in the office is the way to show a glimpse of behind the scenes of your workspace. Capturing your executives, staff and sales team while blurring the background of the space where they work does the trick. In the times when many businesses are operating online without having an actual office, environmental headshots provide a competitive advantage and build trust and credibility with your prospects.

This type of personable photos works wonders in differentiating your company from the competition. Before it was, “we are proper and professional.” Now, it's “we are real people that have something unique to give to our customers.” Your staff headshots should speak to the customer as though you are personally present with them.

With so much marketing happening on Facebook and LinkedIn, it helps to have a brand that doesn't bring to mind a dry and boring company. You want to show your staff in the trenches so to speak, showing a certain passion and energy that’s visible around the work that they do. A company should have an aesthetic that excites and builds trust without appearing sensational and overly stylized if it wants to attract clients.

Take note that the key feeling of your content must first match the philosophy of the company. A business which wants to build a more conservative brand should not lean too much into the realm of the informal. Still, there is room to spruce up photos in these cases. An office's reception area, conference rooms, main workspace, or window views contain far more personality than a neutral-colored wall.

Don't settle for photos that look like everyone else's. To learn more about professional headshots by Slava Blazer Photography and our quick and fun process for taking professional headshots, contact us today. All it takes is a 15-minute discovery call to discuss what type of headshots will work best for your company.