Dreading your Headshots?  

Here’s How To Conquer Your Photography Fears

Living in San Francisco can make you feel like everyone loves the spotlight, but the truth is that many people don’t like being the center of attention.  It’s quite common to feel anxious or awkward when having your professional headshots taken, so if it happens to you, you’re not alone!  The problem is, that being tense during your photo shoot can result in headshots that portray a side of you that may not represent who you really are.  So how do you overcome these irrational fears?  Here are some tips from pro photographers to help melt away those tensions and bring out the best in you.

Breathe in, Breath out

Believe it or not, it’s common to have the desire to hold your breath during a photo shoot.  People become so anxious about remaining absolutely still during their headshots that they don’t even breathe!  Modern cameras share the ability to capture you even in motion, so relax and breathe normally!  Breathing deeply and rhythmically is also a very effective natural relaxation technique.  If you start to feel nervous during your headshots, take some deep breaths in and out through your nose and you’ll start to feel better in no time.


We get some fantastic views of the beach here in the San Francisco Bay Area, so why not go there for your headshots?  Well, not literally, but go there in your mind!  It might seem a little new age-y, but visualization, the technique of imagining you’re somewhere else, is a very powerful method of relaxation.  If not the beach, think of a peaceful spot in your life like a holiday home or a quiet spot in nature, and soon you’ll be transported away, leaving stress and nervousness behind.

This Is Not a Photo Shoot

You don’t need to be a Jedi to pull off this helpful mind trick.  If you start feeling awkward in front of the lens, convince yourself that you’re not having your headshots done at all, but that the photographer is just a friend of yours snapping a few pics.  If that story doesn’t appeal to you, try one of these:

·     You’re at a party and waiting for your friends to arrive.

·     The photographer is a guest in your home.

·     You’re watching your favorite comedic TV show or movie.

As long as it doesn’t involve your headshots, it’ll work!  Repeat your story in your head like a mantra, and before long you’ll realize that you’re no longer stressed.

You’re the Boss

The most common cause of anxiety during a photo shoot is self-consciousness.  People are constantly worrying about how they look and how others will see them when their headshots are ready.  But this fear, of course, is totally irrational. Your photographer will take hundreds of photos during the shoot, and you will get to choose exactly which headshots you want.  Will some unflattering ones end up in the mix?  Probably, but no one will ever see them!  If you remember that the final decision of which photos to keep and which to discard rests with you, you’ll rest easy at the shoot.

Keep these tips in mind when you go for your photo shoot and you’ll see that getting your headshots done isn’t just great for your career but that it can also be a fun and rewarding experience.

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