How to Show the True You in Your Dating Headshots

Getting headshots for dating might seem strange to you, but when is the last time you heard of someone meeting a new partner in a bar or at the gym? It just doesn’t happen very often anymore. Nowadays, people are turning to online resources and apps to help them find love. Sites like eHarmony and apps like Tinder are allowing like-minded people to find each other, but how you represent yourself online can have a big impact on whether you score more matches or even find that special someone. 

Whether we want to admit it or not, the decision-making process when choosing a significant other is based heavily on physical attraction, and the way we represent this online is through profile photos. Bay Area singles are looking more and more to professional photographers to bring out their brightest smiles and show off their best features.

Tell a Story with Your Dating Headshot

Getting your headshot done is about more than just looking great; it’s about communicating something important about yourself. Use your shots to tell a story about who you are and accentuate your best qualities. Take some time and think of a few words that best describe you. Maybe those words are “active, smart, and sexy.” In this case, you might want to wear something to show off how fit you are, but also something stylish, yet casual to portray a more serious, intelligent side.

Dress for Success

Wardrobe choice is an extremely important part of any photo shoot. If you want your headshots to accentuate your success in the workplace, or if you identify highly with your job, you may want to bring something you wear to work. 

Do Proper Prep

Make sure to plan your shoot according to what you want to communicate. What you wear to your shoot is important, but don’t forget to give some attention to hair and makeup as well. When doing your make-up, remember not to go overboard, and that the photographer can also touch up your shots digitally. If you decide to get your hair done, don’t go on the day of your shoot. This can affect your confidence, and besides, most people like their haircut better after they’ve had a couple of weeks to get used to it.

Choose a Location

Now that you’ve got the perfect look, all you need to do is decide on the right location. Having your headshot done outdoors is highly recommended. This type of shot will make you appear open and interesting. San Francisco has a bunch of options to choose from, but here are some of the most popular.

·     Sitting on stairs

·     Leaning on a building or in a doorway

·     Having a coffee 

·     Walking through a green space like a park

Having your headshot done in an outdoor setting will show how you are in everyday life, so make sure to choose a location where you would actually want to hang out!  

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