How Cropping Can Make All the Difference in Your Bay Area Headshots

Professional headshots used to be glossy sheets that you held in your own two hands, passed out to prospective clients, or framed and hung in corporate hallways around San Francisco.  You could tell your photographer exactly how you wanted your headshots to be, and they would accommodate.  Nowadays, while physical copies are still widely used, the value they represent is nothing compared to the benefits and versatility you can achieve by using your headshots in the online world.  So what does cropping have todo with all this?  Well, all websites have specifications regarding the size and dimensions of images you are allowed to post.  This means that you need to know those restrictions when you come to your photo shoot, so your photographer will know the best way to snap your perfect headshot.  Read on for everything you need to know to avoid a cropping nightmare.

What is Cropping?

Cropping is the act of cutting off unnecessary parts of an image.  Most websites in which profile pictures are used require you to crop your photo in order to make it fit into a predefined space.  Have you ever had to drag your photo and make it fit into a small circle or square before posting it as your profile picture?  That’s cropping.

Why is Cropping an Issue for My Headshot?

Photographers have a wide array of tools at their service and can take your photo in many ways. They will generally decide on one of two aspects from which to take your headshots.

·     Landscape: The landscape aspect, also known as horizontal, is a wider shot that will show more space to the left and right.

·     Portrait: Portrait shots are vertically oriented and will focus on you from top to bottom.

Knowing the cropping restrictions for the site you need to post on will help you decide which aspect is best for you.  For example, LinkedIn displays a circular profile picture, so a horizontal aspect is recommended.  This will allow you to crop only the background from left and right and leave your full headshot intact. Those who choose a vertical perspective will face the dilemma of cropping off either their collar or the top of their head!

Cropping Crash Course

Remember these helpful tips when going for your professional headshots.

·     Tell your Bay Area photographer exactly what your headshots are for; right down to the sites you’d like to post them on.  They are likely to be familiar with the restrictions of well-known sites like Facebook and Google+, so you’ll be sure to get the proper shots.

·     If you have long hair, it’s always best to opt for a horizontal headshot to avoid being cropped above your hairline.

·     If you know the dimensions that your headshot must meet (e.g. 8 X 10), make sure to tell your photographer.  This will help him/her choose the proper framing during the photo shoot.

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