Professional Headshots for Your Bay Area Company: What You Need to Know

Having professional headshots done as a company is becoming more and more popular in the Bay Area as businesses look to boost their notoriety and solidify their names in the market. Corporate headshots give the impression of uniformity to your staff and add an air of competence to your business. Nowadays, corporate photoshoots are easier than ever to set up, and the resulting headshots offer countless benefits.

How It Works

Your company’s professional headshots can be organized and shot right in your office. They take very little time and can be used in a number of ways. Here are some places Bay Area companies are posting their headshots to enhance their brand recognition:

·      Landing pages

·      About Us pages

·      Directories

·      Email profiles

·      Social media outreach pages

All you need to do is contact your photographer, and they’ll walk you through the steps. They will come to your office and set up a mobile studio, and each employee can come one at a time for their shots. If you’re looking for an environmental shot, you can use the office as a location for the shoot. Effects like blurring the background can be added after to make your shots really shine. All this only takes about 10-15 minutes per person!

Make-up and Preparation

There’s no need to spend hours on make-up or to hire a professional make-up artist for your employees. Modern technology allows for all of that to be done digitally. Professional retouchers do their magic in Photoshop, and the result is that you look as if you’ve been to a top make-up artist. Of course, if anyone wants to apply their own make-up or go to a professional artist, they are free to do so, but professional retouching is the ideal option for saving time and relieving the stress of having your headshot taken. One retouched headshot per person is typically included in the cost of the package.

What You Get

Packages vary based on the photographer and your company’s needs, but they should all contain these basic services:

·     Pre-shoot consultation to help you define the tone of your headshots and the message you want them to send

·     Detailed wardrobe consultation to ensure coherence and photogenic styles and colors. 

·     On-site photo shoot with a mobile studio and the option of environmental shots

·     Post-shoot professional retouching for every employee and digital effects for each shot, if necessary. 

All of these services should be provided by your photographer as a part of any decent package deal, but the most important thing is that your staff get exactly what they need to communicate the success of your company. Don’t hesitate to ask the photographer for any additional services or suggest your own ideas. They are there to help you. 

If you’ve had professional headshots done for your company before, make sure to show them to the photographer. If you like them, your photographer will need to see them in order to replicate the scene for consistency.  If not, you’ll be able to discuss a different approach.

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