Professional Acting Headshot Options you Need to Know Before

 Your San Francisco or Los Angeles Audition

Professional actors or actresses know that the quality of their professional headshots can make all the difference when it comes to getting a callback.  San Francisco and Los Angeles studios are constantly rifling through stacks of headshots, so how do you make yours stand out?  When it comes to deciding on the perfect headshot to use for your audition, you need to think not only about the particular role you’re trying to obtain but also the medium you work within. 

Headshots for Different Mediums

What type of actor are you?  Do you focus mainly on dramatic, on-screen roles or commercial work?  These questions can help you and your photographer decide on which headshot is best for you.  There are three basic varieties for actors:

·     Film: This shot takes your character into account.  What roles do you normally play?  Use this shot to highlight your strengths, but also your personality.

·     Commercial: This shot communicates your marketing potential.  What demographic do you fit into?

·     Theatrical: This shot showcases your versatility. Demonstrate depth and emotion, and show your range of potential through a variety of shots.

Most actors need a mix of all three types of headshots in order to be prepared for any audition that comes their way. 

Headshots for Different Roles

How you appear in your headshots can have a big impact in getting particular roles.  If you see yourself as a dramatic or more serious actor, you’ll want to consider a more refined wardrobe, and a reserved, pensive smile.  If you’re a commercial actor who fits into the Millennial demographic, a T-shirt and Jeans might be the perfect accompaniment to a big smile.  Make sure to do a little research and take time to think about the message you need to send with your headshot, and always share your thoughts with your photographer.

Comedic Headshots

The aforementioned head shots are broadly applicable and will get the majority of actors the most bang for their buck, but there are other varieties out there, like the comedic headshot. If you focus mainly on comedic roles, work in media for children, or work in stand-up comedy, you’ll want a shot that shows your style of humor.  You might want to bring props or strike and expressive pose to showcase your wit.

Studios Love Smiles

Casting directors can seem impersonal, but no one is immune to a smile.  As an actor, you should consider which smile is best for your headshot.  Bigger smiles are more appropriate for commercial shots, as commercial roles usually call for big, engaging expressions.  Film and theatrical shots can be smile-free, but consider using a subtler smile instead of eliminating it all together.  People are automatically attracted to smiles, so even if you’ve perfected your imposing stare, it might not give you the advantage in the end.

For whatever type of acting you do, the most important thing to remember is that your headshots should show a mix of your ability, personality, and accessibility.  Get to know yourself and your market, and you’ll be ready for the lights, camera, and action of your professional shoot.

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